SURFconext TEST Metadata

This page contains the SAML 2.0 metadata of the SURFconext identity federation test environment.


SURFconext metadata for the test environment

DO NOT USE THIS FOR PRODUCTION! production metadata can be found here

Assertion signing certificate

The assertion signing certificate for SURFconext is part of above metadata feeds. For convenience, when working with systems where it needs to be configured separately, you can use the following file.

SURFsecureID metadata

This metadata is only necessary for those parties that directly interface with the SURFsecureID TEST gateway.

The assertion signing certificate contained in the metadata above is 20200228.


Metadata signing certificate

All above metadata from SURFconext is signed with a key that corresponds to the public key embedded in the following certificate. Use this certificate to verify that the metadata you use from SURFconext is valid.

Fingerprints of this certificate:

SHA-1 Fingerprint: 1A:A2:39:93:C7:9E:84:81:D0:77:1D:59:F4:17:EC:30:C6:38:76:3C
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 60:A4:55:B7:3E:BA:D5:B6:11:85:34:B6:AA:F1:1C:96:09:D8:14:B2:3B:03:A3:C0:E3:BB:AE:93:45:23:0F:F666666

Support and contact

Please refer to the SURFconext documentation for IdPs and SPs for more information on how to use this metadata and where to get support.